Yukarin's Grimoire

I am Yukarin, the Universal Traveler.
I'm a woman(she/her, taken, 18+, straight), and I'm an artist.
I make 2D art. I draw high-resolution anime & manga styled illustrations with detailed visuals. I draw fan art of characters from anime, manga, videogames, cartoons, comics, and original characters. I specialize in character design and can draw chibis and furry characters as well.
I can speak Spanish, English, and a little Japanese. I do not sell my artworks as NFT. I am currently not making commissioned artworks, however, if you are interested in me making a drawing for you, you may follow me in any of my social media and send me a message to try and see if we can work something out. I am open for requests and art trades as well.
I hope you enjoy my art!